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Fitzpatrick Family. Founders of BubbleWrapFun

About Us

In 2017 a couple of months after getting married my husband and I decided to take on BubbleWrapFun. At the time it was a business without a Facebook page, logo, customers, or really anything. But we wanted to have a business that involved fun and entertainment! (we have ticked that box already).

We have had some fun getting all our branding sorted but will always maintain the family values of our business. So we took a little step back for a couple of years while we started and then grew our family. There are now 4 Fitzpatrick's in our house. 

Our goal has always been to continue to grow and use the support we have from our wonderful customers to grow our business to bring more and more fun activities to Gisborne. What started as a pile of bubble balls has now grown into, 1 box truck, 1 van, a backyard cinema, more bubble balls, 16 bouncy castles, soft play and more exciting things in the works! 2023 will be another exciting year for us! 

We want to make our customers proud and will strive to do so! 

(I want to keep the below text as it was from our beginning) 

BubbleWrapFun (otherwise known as Bubble Soccer, or zorb soccer) is an entertainment service that uses inflatable balls and is FAST, FUN and EXCITING. This is FUN everyone can enjoy from birthday parties to your next work Christmas party. There are balls for small kids ages 6-14 and  14 and over. Prices vary for events so please contact us so we can tailor make a plan to suit your needs. This is a lot of inflatable fun so don't miss out for your event or party! We do birthdays, Gala’s, Fairs, Shows, Christmas Parties, Sport break up and so much more.

Games we play:

  • King of the ring

  • Kings and Queens

  • Bull Rush

  • Soccer

  • and any game you can make up

Just get in touch and we will do the rest! 


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Lion Bouncy Castle
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