Community Events

How Bubble Wrap Fun Helps At Community Events

Bubble Wrap Fun is a soccer sport where kids and adults come together to enjoy themselves in the perfect environment of charity, fun, and excitement in the area of Gisborne, New Zealand. We carry out bubble soccer events to bring the community together and support the local schools and surrounding communities through community events. We feel every company that is fortunate enough to do business in such a great location should always give back to the community. Our community events pay the school a percentage of our profits to help educate the children. It is our way of charity through Gala's and other fundraising events. Schools and young people need support and help from the community to thrive and grow. With the money from the community's benefit, schools can purchase equipment, school supplies, and other items to help families who are less fortunate and cannot afford to pay for supplies.

We want to join holiday programmes help the community by bringing people together. We support all events and bring the fun with it. Holidays are all about family time, and it is a great way to meet new people and have fun while learning new interesting things. Holiday programmes offers all the supplies and equipment needed. When we attend these events, we set up and watch the community and families come together. That is what makes holidays so great when we see the anticipation of learning and fun collide. The community as a whole gets excited and nervous when they see the bubble balls, and we explain to everyone in attendance how to play the game. Every event is different, whether it is a holiday programme or work Christmas party.