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Frequently asked questions

What is BubbleWrapFun?

BubbleWrapFun (also called Loopy Ball or Bubble or Zorb Soccer) is all about getting people to have fun. In a typical game, teams of people get together to play football or soccer wearing giant bubbles with the aim of doing whatever it takes to score a goal. Other games can also be played, including bullrush and king of the ring. We will work with you at your event to ensure everyone is having as much fun as possible.

Where can we play?

BubbleWrapFun is a portable game and can be played on flat ground at a park or event near you. We do lots of private bookings and can even come to your place if you have enough room. Just enquire and we will help you pick a location to suit.

What games do you play?

We really enjoy inventing new games but at this point our favourite games are:-
-Bubble Soccer -King of the Ring -Kings and Queens -Bullrush If you have played and game and really enjoyed it, just let our staff know and we will be happy to play it for you.

What age can play?

If you can run, you can play! We normally say between 5-7 (mostly size depending) and up. If you are 100 and still running around like a 15 year old then by all means jump in a ball or just watch as it is just as entertaining.

How many people can play?

The number of people that can play is up to you. We have a total of 30 balls and 3 different sizes. Whether you have a small group of mates wanting to have fun or a large corporate event, we can cater for any number! We do recommend a minimum of 10 balls to get the REAL effect of the fun you can have! Its easy to find 10 people willing to play this game!

What is the cost?

The cost varies for different events. If we are doing private parties prices start for $185 for 10 balls for an hour. Check out our Pricing page or ask us to customize a package for your birthday or event. School fun days we have started to hire just the Balls so prices are different. If you are looking at having us at your Gala or event please get in touch we would love to attend.

Do you attend Gala's and fairs?

YES! We love them. These are some of the most fun days we have. The giggles echoing in the balls is infectious. Please get in touch and we can work together to ensure you get a good deal for your cause.

Can I get hurt using the bubble balls?

BubbleWrapFun Bubble Balls are extensively tested for the games they are designed for. Like any sport we recommend using your best judgement while playing as you get comfortable with it. Injuries can happen as they do in any sport and recreation activity, and we always recommend taking proper precautions.

Is there a weight limit?

There is no minimum weight limit, but the lighter you are the more likely you are to be bounced off by a heavier player. All players should be aware of the amount of pressure and force they place on the bubbleballs, and like all athletic equipment, bubbleballs should be treated well, used appropriately and maintained properly. We like to keep it under 120Kg's as tears in the TPU can happen from the extra pressure.

Billing & Pricing

Payments Accepted

We are happy with bank transfers and cash. Unfortunately at this stage we do not offer eftpos. Packages start at $160.

Ask us to help you make a plan

Cancellation Policy

This is a game that is still just as fun in the rain but we do understand if you decide it is not for you. Cancellation is free for up up to 24hours before after that we charge 10% which is the deposit to secure your booking.