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About Us Part 1.

Hello, I have decided to write a blog to help people get to know BubbleWrapFun and what we are about, what we plan to do and who we are as people.

I will start by introducing myself. I'm Katie and at this point in time I am a mum to a 5-month-old little boy who I adore, I am also a wife to a fantastic husband and partner in this business venture.

I have a busy background and have tried many things in my 30 years. To name a few I am a qualified driving instructor and Harley Davidson Mechanic, I have spent a few years battling the heat in the Outback of Australia and been on many adventures and loved it. I've lived in many different places and Gisborne is by far my favourite place to live and my husband agrees. We love the pace of Gisborne, it is slow and laid back. If you are a hard worker you will be noticed and people seem to really look out for each other here. That's enough about me and my past I'm here right now because I'm excited about our future.

BubbleWrapFun, what is it? It's a small business (at the moment) we do a few birthdays, Gala's, A&P shows and some School rewards days. We have 30 inflatable balls and really enjoy going to events and hearing the echoes of children's giggles in the balls. We have plans! Big Plans! I actually started with BIG plans and have since discovered I need to start small and build to my big plans. This is where I need your help. If you are reading this then you have taken the time to get to know me and a little bit about BubbleWrapFun I would love it if you would like my Facebook page, follow my blog or support me in some way. We are aiming to get much more involved in the community and love to help where we can.

Over the weeks I am going to share more and more about my plans for Gisborne entertainment and what I would like to do.

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wheelie gisborne
wheelie gisborne
Jun 26, 2022

Pakowhai Marae.

We just celebrated Matariki Day with the bouncy Tekoteko Castle. Tamariki ma enjoyed themselves. Recommend this Castle to all the whanau.

Thank-you Katie

Mauri ora.

the chairman

Katie Fitzpatrick
Katie Fitzpatrick
Jul 15, 2022
Replying to

I just saw this! Thank you so much!

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