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Birthday Party Fun

BubbleWrapFun is starting to get a few kids birthday bookings,


Well, that's an easy question to answer.

I think it is smart parents being kind to other parents.

What a strange thing to say!

Basically, a 1 hr Birthday party will exhaust 10-20 kids.

Give them the treats before they hop in the balls and then let them run it out. It's a win-win, kids have heaps of fun, parents don't need to manage the kids because they are busy running around and then the kids go home tired rather than excited from treats.

We have so much fun doing birthday bookings with the kids and the kids love to play the games and they all get involved.

We like to get the parents involved also, its fun for the kids to all gang up on an adult and if you are the kind that is happy to get knocked down that's even better in saying that it is absolutely hilarious when we get a parent that won't let the kids knock them down.

This doesn't put the kids off, it normally makes them a lot more determined to get the parent and it turns into a bit of a war.

As always the kids will outlast the adult, 9 on 1 normally gets them in the end.


Here we are now in 2022 and we still have our bubble balls and an exciting range of bouncy castles for hire and we are still growing!

At first we didn't understand the attraction of a bouncy castle but now we most definitely do.

They are just so easy! Someone comes sets it up and leaves you with it for 6hours. They then come clean and pack it away again.

What an awesome deal!

Kids tend to spend the entire 6hours playing on the castles and we hear lots of sleeping afterwards so you can't be sad about that!

So for your next birthday party. You should think about hiring a bouncy castle or some bubble balls.

Kids birthday party set up in a park picture of the table and banner.
Birthday party table

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