Just popping in to try help take some pressure off when planning with this weather.

The struggle is real when you are trying to plan a party between Autumn and Winter. With rain challenging us to make party plans it's great to have some ideas for indoor party venues.

We have put it to our 2000 Facebook page members to help us come up with some indoor venues they have seen bouncy castles setup that are available for hire.

Here they are:

Patutahi Hall - This is a great hall, we have done bouncy castle bookings here before and it has a huge space and nice easy entry for us. Lots of room to fit quite a few people with enough room to be able to have an area for eating and another for playing. It also offers lots of space for parking. If you live out Patutahi way, LUCKY YOU!

Girl Guide Hall - Right in the middle of town, we have had our jungle castle in this hall and it was a huge hit with the kids. It's not huge but has the advantage of location.

OBM Club Rooms - Unsure if you have to be a member to hire this club. We had our Rainbow unicorn castle here and it is an awesome set up with a great amount of space, parking and facilities.

YMCA - This is a great one for our huge castles but also for the smaller ones. It is hired out more on the hourly basis than a full day rate so might not suit everyone but if you really just want to get the party over and done with then this is a great option, with loads of parking and a whole stadium of seating.

Freedom Fitness - We haven't set up here yet but have seen castles in the gym and its an awesome space. The toy library is also in the gym so it's a great two for one if you hire out some toys you will have the whole set up!

Ormond School Hall - This isn't a hall we have set up in yet but it's a lovely hall and if you live in Ormond it's a great option.

Waerenga-A-Hika Hall - This is another great hall with high ceilings, a little kitchen and loads of space. So if you are in this area it is great it even has lots of space for parking.

House of Breakthrough - This place is huge! We haven't had the pleasure of setting up here yet but hopefully we will be invited soon as it would be such a great space to set up. Loads of parking and a great location.

Gisborne Cosmopolitan Club - This is a recent suggestion from our Facebook group and we have a booking to do a bouncy castle here July 2022 so will keep you posted

with how it goes.

We are looking to buy a 2.4m High Bouncy Castle with loads to do so we can start to fit into the smaller buildings with ease so watch this space. We hear what you are saying and want to make sure things are easy for your party planning.

If you know anywhere else please let us know so we can help spread the word.

Have a great day, stay safe and dry and we look forward to your next booking with us.

Katie from Bubble Wrap Fun

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