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Woohoo! You're Having a BubbleWrapFun Party!

Congratulations on taking the first step to burning energy and creating fun at your

next event or party!

We have done up a little guide to help you get the most out of your bouncy castle!

Once you have booked you will receive a booking confirmation email (there is also a link

to this blog in that email). This email is to confirm you have booked and paid your $60 non refundable deposit. The remaining balance is to be transferred to the listed bank account before your booking date. Please use your booking name and date as a reference to help us pair the payment to your booking.

What do you need to do to prepare?

Check the size you have selected for the castle. Each castle has its dimensions on the website. See the example picture (it may appear different on your phone). The size of the castle still needs 1m around it for the blower and safe entry and exit.

Castle height should also be considered. If it is to be set up outside please ensure any low hanging branches around the area are trimmed. If it is inside please check the ceiling height.

Below is our mini obstacle castle which is 2.4 m high.

Please also take note of any phone lines, power lines (above and below ground), water pipes and sewer pipes. Our pegs are around 46cm long.

To mow or not to mow?

We recommend mowing 4-5 days before your booking. Loose grass will be gone by your booking date and is less likely to end up in your house and the bouncy castle. The weather doesn't always help with this one.

Power and water requirements?

Each blower requires its own extension lead (we supply a 25m lead) and power point. The blower remains switched 'ON' the entire time. Please keep this in mind when laying out your space for the castle. If you have selected a water castle you will also need to consider how far away a garden tap is. A hose is supplied with these castles. We can supply a petrol generator at an additional cost if required.

Surface Type?

Bouncy castles are best suited to grass. This way we can safely secure them down. We do not set up on concrete.

The Day before your booking:

Please clear the area of toys or any other objects to ensure access for delivery and set up. If you have pets please check for any droppings. Most castles are quite heavy so the best form of drop off is straight from the van but we also have a sack trolley for short distances. Clear pathways and entry points help with smooth delivery and set up.


Kick back and relax! We will arrive between 7-10am depending on the number of castles we have to deliver and where they are booked. We do our best to make sure everyone is aware of our drop off times but it can get a bit crazy with a lot of bookings on for a day. If you have concerns please send us a text or call 021 0222 4329. If we plan to deliver your castle early (7-8am) we will let you know. Set up takes around 20mins depending on access.

We will wheel/drive in and drop off the castle, roll it out and put the blower on. This is when we require power to inflate and keep the castle inflated. We will check the final position of the castle before we peg it down. Once it is pegged down we will pop up our sign with castle rules (click to see the rules) and leave you until after 4pm.

Please do not deflate the castle at any point during the party especially if rain or showers occur. The water will go into the base of the castle and it is very hard to remove it. If the water is bubbling please dry it off with a towel.

You booked the WIPEOUT!

Our Wipe Out and Rainbow slide both require an extra step in the pick up and drop off process as they have water. When we drop off we ask that you fill the pool about half way. It becomes quite slippery once wet, children tend to struggle to find their feet at the bottom and the ground can be hard. Once the water is in it cushions the landing but it means parents need to be extra vigilant ensuring the castle/children are not left unattended.

Pack up time:

By now you might be ready for the party to end, its nearly over! We will arrive after 4pm

(once again depending on the number of castles), it would be great to have a clear

access way once again to collect.

Before we arrive it is important to make sure the castle has all the rubbish removed and any sticky lollies, or mess is cleaned up. If there has been mud around this may also need to be wiped off (a cleaning fee is required if the castle isn't in a tidy condition).

We will arrive and check over the castle, blow out any extra grass, dirt or sand and then turn off the blower.

You can unplug it from inside and we will do the rest. A quick little pack up and we will be ready to leave you to relax (hopefully with lots of exhausted kids or none because they have gone home).

Now it's time to RELAX!


What happens if it rains?

The weather changes a lot in Gisborne and very quickly. We can go from having a rainy day to a sunny one and vice versa. For this reason we won't cancel until the morning of your booking if the weather is heavy rain. The castles can handle the odd shower and just need to be towel dried off and if it is a heavy down pour an umbrella or chair can sit over the blower to protect it. Please do not deflate the castle unless absolutely necessary, the water will drain into the base of the castle and it is very hard to remove. Just towel off any extra water and it will be good to go again. If we pick up the castle and it is muddy you may be charged an extra cleaning fee so please be mindful of this.

If the rain is heavy we will either postpone your booking to a day that suits or offer you a refund.

How many kids can use the castles at once?

It's recommended no more than 6-8 Children at one time. Please see Castle descriptions for age/weight recommendations these are listed on each page as shown in the picture. It's the weight that counts! So really depends on the size of the children using the Castles and Size of the Castle Hired.

Can Adults use your Castles?

No! Our castles are strictly for Children under 12yrs depending on Castle. Our Ultimate Warrior, classy castle and Wipeout Water slide are suitable for older children and adults.

Adults can sit or stand on castles to assist younger children but jumping is not allowed.

Can we Pickup the Castle ourselves?

Pickup for some castles can be arranged. A two person lift is required due to the weight of the castles, as well as a ute, van or trailer. We may require a $100 cleaning if the castle does not come back clean and dry. We may not be able to inflate the castle straight away to check the castle this could take up to 7 days.

Do you supply a generator?

No, castles require a single power point for the duration of the booking. We have a generator for hire if required. We can drop this off with the castle and collect again at the end of the booking.

What else should I be aware of?

Please keep streamers, poppers, pets, silly string etc away from any inflatable as they stain the Pvc!! Face Paint also stains the vinyl. Please make sure all children’s faces are completely dry prior to them jumping. If children have their faces painted, be mindful that perspiration can make the paint run.ui Any streamer etc. damage found on the inflatable at time of pick up or in bad cases when we clean the inflatable over the following seven (7) days will result in a cleaning charge of $100.

Can castles be hired on School Holidays and during the week?

We are very flexible so please book, email or call us to discuss your requirements if needed.

Do you supply Safety Mats?

Yes, we do on request.

Can we move the bouncy castle during the hire period?

No, please do not attempt to move the bouncy castle once set up due to safety requirements.

What do we do when we are finished with the Castles?

We can arrange a suitable pick up time depending on your specified hire period. We ask that you ensure that the castle is clean and tidy and the blower is turned off to allow the castle to deflate prior to us packing up. Wiping down with a damp cloth may be necessary if it is excessively dirty.

What happens with supervision?

Safety is very important. Children must not run around near the fan blower or power source. Special care is needed when bigger kids and little kids are on the castle at the same time.

An adult over 18 years MUST supervise the Castle at all times.

What happens if we damage the bouncy castle?

If the damage is considered to be malicious then you will be liable for the full cost of repairs, transport costs associated with the repairs and the loss of business costs while the castle is repaired. We keep a record of the condition of our castles and would advise you to check the bouncy castle before the delivery person leaves, and note any problems.

Have another question? send us an email

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