School Sports Day 

We Have Made Our Mark on School Sports Day

With every event, there is some form of holiday. School Sports Day is no different. Everyone loves competition. Sports teach children much about life lessons that they can carry in their memory bank for the rest of their lives. Tons of sports are celebrated and played on this day. We are more than excited to be a part of this event. It gives the exposure our business needs to spread the word. The more business we get, the more we can donate to the schools and community. We are more than passionate about doing this. Our company is relatively new, and it is a new experience for everyone. As the children learn in school, we all learn and grow together. That is the experience of School Sports Day as all the sports join in the fun. For us to be a part of it is a thrill. The true meaning of sports comes forth on this day.

Bubble Soccer is only one of the games that can be played using the bubble balls. Bubble Soccer is played in the same manner as Soccer's regular sport, but there are a few differences. In Bubble Soccer, there are no goalkeepers. It is a game that can be played indoors with a lot of space or outdoors in a grassy field. There are two separate teams with the same number of players on each side. We have a minimum booking of one hour to play. Everybody is inside the bubbles as they move their bubble ball to the goal. Every ball has a safety harness, so no one gets hurt, but it is like bumper cars where everyone crashes into one another to stop the other team from entering the goal. When the player's ball enters the goal, that team scores. Whoever has the most points at the end of the hour session wins the game. Some games may go for less time.