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Bouncy Castle Hire Agreement

​Your safety is extremely important to us so please read the following points carefully. We've also unfortunately had a few incidents where our castles haven't been given the respect they deserve, so you’ll find advice for easily preventing any charges or damage.

This agreement (the "Agreement") sets forth the terms and conditions for the hire of the bouncy castle (the "Equipment") from BubbleWrapFun (the "Company") by the hirer (the "Hirer"). By hiring the Equipment, the Hirer agrees to comply with the following terms:

1. Safety Responsibility:
1.1 The Hirer acknowledges that the safety of individuals using the Equipment is of utmost importance. The Hirer agrees to take all necessary steps to prevent injury or damage to the inflatable.


1.2 An adult over 18 years of age must supervise the Equipment at all times during the hire period.

1.3 Running near the fan blower or power source is strictly prohibited.

1.4 It is advised to segregate bigger kids from little ones, unless they are assisting..

1.5 Children must not engage in pushing, colliding, fighting, or any behaviour likely to cause injury or distress to others.

1.6 All streamers, poppers, silly string, face paint, and similar items must be kept away from the inflatables to avoid staining the PVC and vinyl.

1.7 Prior to jumping, ensure that children's faces are dry and free of paint.

1.8 The Equipment should not be overcrowded. Please refer to the maximum recommended user numbers specified on our website for each castle.

1.9 Bouncing on the front safety step is prohibited, as it may cause a child to bounce off the inflatable and get injured. The step is only intended for users to get on or off the Equipment.

2. Restrictions:
2.1 No pets, toys, or sharp instruments are allowed on the Equipment.


2.2 Eating, drinking, and chewing gum are not permitted on the Equipment.

2.3 Smoking or BBQ activities are strictly prohibited near the Equipment.

2.4 Individuals with previous or current back or neck problems must refrain from using the Equipment.

2.5 Bouncing on the Equipment during inflation or deflation is not allowed.

2.6 A clear space of at least 1 meter around the Equipment must be maintained.

2.7 Climbing, hanging, or sitting on walls of the Equipment is dangerous and strictly prohibited.

2.8 The fan blower should not be switched off or deflated unless in specific circumstances or when absolutely necessary:

- In the event of heavy rain, the blower must be turned off, disconnected, and protected from the rain to prevent damage. Once inflated, any wetness, including normal bubbling, should be dried with a towel.
- The Equipment must not be used and should be immediately deflated if the wind speed exceeds 30 km/hr.


2.9 Moving the Equipment after setup is completed is unsafe and should not be attempted.

2.10 Most of our castles are designed for dry use, except for the Wipe Out and Rainbow Slide castles. Water should not be used on them.

3. Cleaning and Damage Liability:
3.1  If the Equipment is wet, muddy, or stained after the hire period, a cleaning charge of $100 may apply.


3.2 The Company keeps a record of the condition of our castles. The Hirer is responsible for inspecting the Equipment upon delivery and reporting any existing problems or damages to the Company. Failure to do so may result in the Hirer being liable for the full cost of repairs, including transportation and loss of business costs incurred while the Equipment is being fixed.

3.3 The Hirer accepts full responsibility and liability for any damage or injury resulting from misuse or reckless use of the Equipment.

3.4 All persons using the Equipment do so at their own risk.

3.5 The Company cannot be held responsible for any injury caused to individuals using the Equipment.

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