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Unleash the Fun with Soft Play: Where Laughter and Adventure Collide!

Embark on Hilarious Adventures with Soft Play: Perfect for Kids 4 and Under! Get ready for a soft-tacular party experience with Soft Play, where laughter and giggles reign supreme! Our play equipment is tailor-made for the little ones aged 4 and under, delivering a combination of safety, learning, and sidesplitting fun! Let's bounce into five uproarious reasons why kids should dive into Soft Play: Safe Silliness: Soft Play creates a cushiony haven for pint-sized adventurers. With padded surfaces and secure barriers, it's like a laughter-filled bubble where little ones can bounce, tumble, and have a ball without a worry! Giggles and Growth: Soft Play isn't just hilarious—it's a supercharged growth machine! As kids navigate through the play area, they boost their motor skills, coordination, balance, and even their ability to turn a frown upside down. Friendship Fiesta: Soft Play is a social extravaganza that brings kids together like magnets. Watch as they share giggles, take turns, and embark on imaginative escapades. It's a laugh-a-minute party where friendships blossom and funny memories are made. Imagination Galore: Soft Play is where make-believe gets real, and the hilarity knows no bounds! From bouncing superheroes to sliding explorers, our play equipment fuels wild imaginations. Get ready for belly laughs as little ones create comedic masterpieces! Non-Stop Chuckles: Soft Play guarantees an epic dosage of never-ending entertainment. From climb-a-thons to slide races, it's a comedy show in motion. The laughter will be contagious, and the memories created will have everyone grinning from ear to ear. We offer two sets to choose from—Sand or Colorful. Whether you prefer a timeless and understated vibe or a vibrant burst of hues, we have the perfect set to match your party theme and preferences. It's like having a customized laughter factory at your fingertips! So, don't miss out on the soft-errific fun! Choose Soft Play for your little one's party and prepare for giggles galore. Contact us today to unlock a world of hilarious adventures. Get ready to bounce, laugh, and create memories that will have everyone saying, "That was soft-astic!"

Check out our options below

Soft Play 1.jpg

Gisborne City

Soft Play 5.jpg

Sand Coloured Soft play, Giant Ball pit, balance boards and more.


Soft Play 8.jpg

1.6 x 1.6 m square ball pit with giant white and gold balls and climber.


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