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Soft Play Hire Agreement

Your safety is extremely important to us so please read the following points carefully. We've also unfortunately had a few incidents where our Soft Play hasn't been given the respect it deserve, so you’ll find advice for easily preventing any charges or damage.


This Hire Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into between the hirer ("You" or "Your") and the company providing Soft Play equipment rental services ("We," "Us," or "Our"). By hiring this equipment, You agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Health and Safety
1.1 Your safety is of utmost importance to us. Please carefully read and adhere to the following health and safety points during the hire period.

1.2 Upon arrival at the designated area of use, it is Your responsibility to inspect the area and remove any sharp or dangerous objects.


1.3 Once the Soft Play equipment is set up, please ensure all excess equipment is removed and stored away properly.

1.4 Before allowing children to use the Soft Play equipment, ensure that an adult over 18 years old is supervising at all times.

1.5 Please keep streamers, poppers, silly string, face paint, or any other substances away from the Soft Play equipment, as they can cause stains or damage. Ensure that children's faces are dry and free of paint prior to using the equipment.

1.6 Soft Play equipment should not be used outdoors during wet or rainy conditions to prevent slipping and accidents.

2. Inspection and Liability
2.1 We maintain a record of the condition of our Soft Play equipment. Before the delivery team leave, we advise You to thoroughly inspect the equipment and note any existing problems or damages.

2.2 If any malicious damage occurs to the Soft Play equipment during the hire period, You will be held liable for the full cost of repairs, including transportation and loss of business costs incurred while the equipment is being fixed.

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