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You might be wondering why you've been directed to this page. Let us explain...

When you make a booking with us, you will be granted one (per booking) chance to cast a vote for a school or organisation to win a whole day of FUN! We are hosting a Fun Day for whoever receives the most votes! Why? Because we want to give back to our community by recognising those who work tirelessly to nurture young minds and go the extra mile to spread joy and make Gisborne a better place. Take a look at the nominees below for some information on why they're in the running to win and then submit your vote. Voting will close June 1st and votes will be counted. The winner will have 3 months to select a date in June, July or August to have their fun. 

Already know who you want to vote for? Get your booking details ready and click the button below!

What is Fun Day? Fun Day will be an opportunity for the staff and children in the winning company to unwind, enjoy themsleves and experience a day to remember! What is included? - Our Bubble Soccer Balls - Not just one but up to 5 Bouncy Castles - A bubble making machine - Soft Play (dependent on attendee age) - And a whole lot more!


Sonrise Christian School

Sonrise Christian School offers Christian based education with the mission Statement of Education for Eternity. Our staff and students strive for excellence with Jesus at the center of all learning would love to have a chance to have the BWF team at the school.

Mangapapa School 

We would love for our community to vote for our amazing school. We are a big, busy and bustling school that is always looking for opportunities to celebrate our fantastic Mangapapa Kids! Our MKids have had lots of disruptions over the last few years as our new school buildings take shape, this has meant a dramatically reduced junior playground and an over-crowded senior playground. Our MKids really do deserve a day of joy, laughter and unforgettable memories! If you vote for Mangapapa you would be making over 450 MKids so very happy! Let’s go Mangapapa! “Ka whangaia, ka tupu, ka puawai” That which is nurtured, blossom then grow. At Mangapapa we REACH for the Stars where learning has no limits!

Kaiti School

Kaiti School would like your vote because we work endlessly to accommodate and support all their kids and parents needs without asking for a single thing in return.

Central School

Gisborne Central School has consistently demonstrated a commitment to fostering engaging learning opportunities which empower our tamariki. Our dedicated and passionate teaching staff who work tirelessly to provide a vibrant learning environment for its students. Our students are hard working and learning to persevere in everything that they do. We work extremely hard as a collective to be the best version of ourselves and as a collective everyday. The school is deeply involved in the local community, actively engaging in various programs and community service initiatives and has fantastic whanau support. A kura that is not only dedicated to shaping young minds but also committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those around them.

Te Wharau

Te Wharau tamariki, staff and Whanau are one of a kind! We truly live the CHARM values and support each other no matter what. As a school, we like to have fun with each other and build connections and friendships. A day of Bubble Wrap Fun would give us another chance to bring us together as a community. Thank you for supporting us to achieve an amazing experience.

Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga

The church gives us a sense of community and of belonging. The services are identical to the ways it's run in Tonga so it provides us, especially our rangatahi living in the diaspora an experience that's been brought over from the islands. It is a great place for socialising and making connections - from person to person, a connection back to our roots and most importantly, a connection through our faith. Our church is a place of worship but it gives us a lot more!

Te Whakaruruhau Kōhanga Reo

The whānau there are committed to the ongoing development and learning journeys of tamariki within the kaupapa of kōhanga reo. They are committed to the revitilisation and retention of te reo Māori me ōnā tikanga. This whare and whānau are known as a beacon of light within the community and have always provided a shelter (whakaruruhau) of aroha and manaaki to all those that have needed it. This kohanga are also leading the way for others: kohanga reo, ece, kura and schools, in respect for our tamariki awhiorangi (neurodiverse, deaf, blind low vision) providing ā sensory room (not just a corner) for tamariki, kaiako and whanau alike. Their kaimahi are dedicated to the empowerment of tamariki, whānau, hapū and iwi and are all on educational journeys to upskill and progress within their chosen fields to ensure our tamariki get every opportunity they are afforded. Recently this whānau celebrated their 40th anniversary as the oldest kohanga reo in operation within the Te Tairāwhiti region. This is a huge milestone and recognition for all the mahi that whanau throughout the years have put into it and that needs to be celebrated. I know for sure that if this whanau were to win this amazing opportunity it would not only be shared with their own whanau, but other kōhanga reo, kura and the kaiti hapori alike.

Gisborne Intermediate

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Mangapapa School
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Te Wharua School
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Equippers Church 

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Manutuke Kohanga Reo

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Manaaki Tamiriki Childcare

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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

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Muriwai School

Muriwai School
Cast your vote

Cast your vote

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