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Bouncy castles and unity for the Gisborne community!

A montage of kids enjoying bouncy castles and soft play at previous Fun Days, "something different and exciting to do during the school holidays".

Welcome to the Bubble Wrap Fun blog where we’re thrilled to share the details of our third Fun Day! This is a local Gisborne event filled with joy spanning over two days. It's all about bringing our community together and giving the kids something different and exciting to do during the school holidays! One of the main highlights will be the bouncy castles, guaranteed to provide fun and laughter! The event will take place on the 28th and 29th of September at the Gisborne Showgrounds Event Centre. We can't wait to see you there!

As organisers, our primary focus is not on personal gain or profit, but rather on creating a sense of unity, belonging and fun for everyone in Gisborne and the surrounding areas. In this post, we'll highlight the key aspects of the event, our motivations, and how it’s intended for positive change and lasting memories.

What is Fun Day?

What does it take to organise an event?

Why was Fun Day created?

Collaboration and volunteering

Get involved - vote for your favourite bouncy castle!

We'd love for you to get involved with the line-up for Fun Day by letting us know which Bouncy Castles you'd most like to see there. Click the button below to find out more about our Bouncy Castles, show your kids and then place your vote by leaving us a comment.

As the countdown to Fun Day begins, we are filled with excitement for the opportunity to create an inclusive and memorable experience for everyone. Our goal is to build connections, nurture friendships, and leave a positive impact that extends beyond Fun Day itself. We can't wait to welcome each and every one of you to be a part of this community event!

Stay tuned for more updates leading up to Fun Day. Together let's make this event a true reflection of the strength and unity within our community!

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post!

Bubble Wrap Fun Team

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