Indoor Party Venues for Bouncy Castles in Gisborne

Updated: Jul 15

The struggle is real when you are trying to plan a party between Autumn and Winter. With rain challenging us to make party plans it's great to have some ideas for indoor party venues to set up your bouncy castle.

We have put it to our 2200 Facebook page members to help us come up with some indoor venues they have seen bouncy castles setup that are available for hire.


Kaiti Yacht Club

WOW! This is a very popular stunning venue option that we are very lucky to have here in Gisborne. It is affordable, central and offers something very unique with its sunsets. We have been to loads of parties here all of which have been set up outside but we would be able to fit a bouncy castle inside. It has a great kitchen, chairs, outdoor flow and toilets. It is right on the doorstep to the beach so when the sunsets in the evening it is truly stunning!

Watching the sunset in a bouncy castle is possible!

Kaiti Beach Road



Patutahi Hall

This is a great hall, we have done bouncy castle bookings here before and it has a huge space and nice easy entry for us.

Lots of room to fit quite a few people with enough room to be able to have an area for eating and another for playing.

It also offers lots of space for parking.

If you live out Patutahi way, LUCKY YOU! You could even fit more than one bouncy castle in this hall. It's massive!

"The Patutahi Hall is a community hall located 15km from Gisborne city. This hall is used regularly for badminton and fitness classes, as well as meetings and events. Full of retro character, this could be the venue for your wedding or birthday function! Use of the kitchen and tables & chairs are included in the hire."

20 Biggs Street Patutahi



This is a great one for our huge castles but also for the smaller ones. It is hired out

more on the hourly basis than a full day rate so might not suit everyone but if you really just want to get the party over and done with then this is a great option, with loads of parking and a whole stadium of seating.

-full sized basketball and netball court

- fixed seating for 500 people

-can fit our largest bouncy castles in it

447 Childers Road Gisborne.


Ormond School Hall

This is a great option if your kids go to Ormond School or Kindergarten. We have set up our TekoTeko Bouncy Castle in here and had heaps of room so now we can set up most of our bouncy castles here. Lots of parking, heaps of outside space if the weather isn't horrible (which is why you would book an indoor venue). Large open space and a little kitchen on the side. If you want to book this Community Hall you need to contact the school during terms to book it. 45 Whitmore Road Ormond.

06 862 5725 (Ormond School)


Waerenga-A-Hika Hall

This is another great hall with high ceilings, a little kitchen and loads of space. So if you are in this area it is great it even has lots of space for parking. Waerenga-A-Hika Hall, Gisborne — Matawai Rd, phone 06-862 5693


Gisborne Gymnastics Club

This is a great fun space with loads to offer kids. We are due to do a bubble ball booking here in late July 2022. There is heaps of space and things to do for the kids and teens. It is a very affordable venue currently charging $150 for 10 kids for 2.5hours. You get full use of the venue and someone to keep an eye on the health and safety side of it.

537 Aberdeen Road Gisborne

You can Book online


OBM Club Rooms

We had our Rainbow unicorn bouncy castle here and it is an awesome set up with a great amount of space, parking and facilities. Half to the club room has open rafters and the other half closer to the bar has a lower ceiling. Loads of chairs and outside is the Oval so plenty of outside space if you plan for a rainy day and it turns out fine!

We could easily set up our 22m Obstacle course bouncy castle and our 6m high water slide bouncy castle outside this venue. We weren't able to track down any good photos of this venue but next time we are there I will be sure to get one sorted. If you are interested in booking this venue you can call Anne below.

OBM Club rooms, The Oval Gisborne.

Call Anne 022 162 6732


We are looking to buy a 2.4m High Bouncy Castle with loads to do so we can start to fit into the smaller buildings with ease so watch this space. We hear what you are saying and want to make sure things are easy for your party planning.

Check out our full range of bouncy castles for hire on our website



Currently we know of 7 venues that are happy to have a bouncy castle and parties, ranging in size and locations. We have tried to narrow it down to this blog for you. We would love to grow this list and one day offer a venue of our own to it.

If you know of a venue please drop us a comment below!

Thank you for reading our blog.

Sharing this would be greatly appreciated.

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