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Anyone remember the game Bullrush? I know I do, it was actually the most aggressive game I think I played as a kid, at least with Rugby you could chuck the ball away and they couldn't really tackle you, but with Bullrush once they had their eye on you it was on!

I play it a little different, I like to make up rules to help even the playing field, kids always pick on the little ones. So sometimes I will just call Bullrush for no reason and all the kids charge down the other end trying to bump off other players to stay standing. It's actually heaps of fun, I love watching the little kids (who seem to only just get the balls off the ground) run as fast as their little legs will take them, down the sideline to safety.

So next time you think of Bullrush picture how much better it would be in a Bubble Suit. It's Bullrush without the pain and double the fun. Definitely a party favourite with the kids and even the bigger kids commonly known as ADULTS.

Little Legs hanging out the end of the smaller balls.
Little Legs


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