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Bouncy Castles for Sale 

Want to buy a bouncy castle or 3 but don't know where to begin?

We have been buying castles from a trusted supplier and have learned which castles are popular, so we can save you money by cutting straight to the good stuff. 


Check out our brand new bouncy castles! They're made with the highest quality materials and built to last. No need to take chances with unknown companies. We have the experience and trusted suppliers to bring you only the best. Plus, we offer custom-made bouncy castles—just let us know what you need! All bouncy castles comply with the Australian Standards AS 3533.4.1. We also offer a factory warranty which if any issues arise with support you with. 


Please allow 90 days for your order to arrive. Once we receive the deposit, the castles will be made and then shipped. Shipping can take 30-40 days depending on a few factors. Our prices include blowers, a castle bag, a patching kit, and four quality bouncy castle pegs. The only extra charge is the postage to your location. We also be offering a 3 packages and a website template, booking system and mentoring to really get your business pumping. We have tried and tested importers, castles styles, rolling methods, systems and processes so you can get started and grow quicker. 


We will do our best to honor the prices listed, but they are subject to change with the rise in shipping costs. We will keep our prices as up to date as possible. We recommend a minimum or 3 to get your business started.


Have questions? Send us an email! We’re here to help you find the perfect bouncy castle.

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