How to play


You will play in 2 teams with an equal number of players just like Soccer. But in Bubble Soccer you can't have a goalkeeper.

Bubble Soccer can be played on any open grass field or indoor sports hall. Depending on your fitness, we recommend a game of 60 min with drink breaks. If you wish to play longer, consider having substitutes.

We will mark out a field and show you how to be fitted into the ball safely with the harness. This is one of the best none contact, contact sports. We like to encourage people and players to work together but otherwise, it is just, however, you can get the ball in the goal, bounce, bump, crash, roll etc...


If Soccer isn't your game we have other options which are just as fun!


Our Bubbles are designed to provide maximum comfort and ease of play with adjustable soft-padded straps and easy to carry, like a backpack. The Bubbles are available in 3 sizes: adult (1.50m diameter) or kids (1.20m diameter) or small child (.90m diameter). The adult Bubbles are suitable for people up to 120 kg (subject to body shape). Kids that are over 1.40m tall will fit in the adult Bubbles, but they need to be physically able to carry 10 kg. 

For groups of mixed ages (school, programs or siblings) we allow kids aged 5 as long as they are comfortable. For private kids parties, we do require the children to be at least 5 years old. 




Bubble Soccer is not the only game you can play in the bubble balls, we also have other exciting games like King of the ring, Kings and Queens, Bullrush and anything else you can think of we will give it a go.


King of The Ring (Last man standing) is a fast game where everyone is against each other. The colour of your bubble ball no longer stands for anything. If you are knocked down you stay down. You can move to the side and wait it out or risk it and stay where you are and be right in the action. King of the ring last person still standing will be the King of the ring. 



BubbleWrapFun's FAVOURITE game

This is a game where you need to think and be strategic. Each team picks a player to be their King or Queen. The person who is picked must be treated like a King or Queen by the players on their team and they need to protect them with their bubble ball. The team will send out players to try and knock the other teams King or Queen down and by doing so win the game! What will you do? Protect the King or Queen or attack? 


BULLRUSH with a twist, add a Bubble ball and play. One person is selected to be in the middle and they can select another person to have a 1:1 battle. If they are knocked down they join the player in the middle. If they get passed... call Bullrush! The game isn't over until one player can run the entire pitch without being knocked down. 


Serious Type?
Check out the Bubble Soccer Rules!
If this is you, please let us know as we enjoy making up new rules and don't always follow 'normal rules'.